A collection of my open source projects, prototypes and blog posts collected over the years

Writing code is a craftmansship that has to be constantly practiced and creating small open source projects public for anyone to find provides me not only with the motivation to learn new things but also automatically forces me to keep certain quality standards I know from other open source projects as well.

Currently I focus mainly on playing around with C#, both pure .net but also Unity projects. I think that especially the Unity community can benefit from a few high quality open source libraries that seem to be missing at the moment and would make the already great Unity ecosystem even more awesome :)

Bringing over some of the concepts and best practices from other frontend ecosystems like the web frontend world turned out to be a lot of fun combined with the cross platform potential of C# & Unity turned out to be a great testbed for many different application scenarios.

If I find something interesting to share or have some free time to work on a project if I share it at all it will be on Twitter, feel free to follow me below

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Find all my open source projects at github.com/cs-util-com


cscore is a lightweight library providing commonly used helpers & patterns for your C# projects like events, injection logic, logging and much more (examples below). It can be used in both pure C# and Unity projects.